HK Audio L5 112 FA Active 1000W PA cabinet, 2pcs specifications
Rolls RM65b 6-channel 1U rack mixer manual
Klark Teknik square one dynamics 8-channel compressor/gate manual
Oram Octa-EQ 8-channel parametric EQ manual
Sonifex Redbox RB-PMX4 10/4 channel line preset mixer/summer manual
Ridge Farm Boiler 2-channel compressor manual
nohype audio LRM-1 Large ribbon mic, 2pcs
t.bone SCT-800 Large diaphragm tube condenser mic, 2pcs
Shure DMK57-52 Shure drum mic set: 3x SM57, 1x B52
Sennheiser E901 Boundary condenser mic
Beyerdynamic DT-770 M Closed-back monitor headphones
Pearl Vision VBL905 Pearl Vision VBL905 drum set
Pearl Reference steel snare 6,5" Pearl snare drum
Pearl Demon Drive Pearl double bass drum pedal
KUMU Drum Set KUMU 5-piece drum set
EHX Deluxe Memory Man Analog delay pedal
Epiphone Futura EX Epiphone electric guitar (EMG81/85 pickups)
M-Audio Profire 2626 8-channel mic preamp/firewire audio interface manual
Genelec 8020A Studio monitors, 2pcs manual
Audient ASP880 8-channel mic preamp manual

- Full sets of Impression and Turkish cymbals
- Soft bags for all drums, hardware bag
- Harley Benton G412A guitar cabinet (4x 12" Celestion Vintage V30)
- Mic stands, boxes of cables, patchbays, 8U live rack box etc
- Other mics: SM57, SM58, some AKG, Fender, some nonames..
- Lundia shelves, three rows
- A few dozen acoustic panels